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"New Age" Druggie.
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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 16, 2010, 5:24 PM
Ainsel sat on the couch criss-cross. Flipping through the channels on the TV.
Squam was probably working, and Mr. Pinkerton was sleeping in the bathroom sink. So it was pretty calm in the house.
After a good three minutes of channel flipping, Ainsel stopped on a channel. THEN HAD A BRIGHT IDEA. So he called the number on the screen and got everything set up. He ordered thirty tickets. They were all free. Only when someone took it and used it, would it be charged to a separate account.

Later that day, he went over to OCRP House, and taped a note to the fridge. The travel Agency was kind enough to print out a paper explaining everything. He got all the tickets and used the magnets so they would stick on the surface. THERE HE WAS DONE. The fridge was covered in thin slips of florescent orange paper, a time, place, and date on them in black bold.
Along with his own little note, saying he'd pick up anyone in the RV if they didn't have a way to go.

Ainsel smiled, there. Now for once he planned a little something. So he left the house, to go clean the RV or something.


Going to Mexico! It'll be on the 25th of June. Which will be not this friday, BUT NEXT FRIDAY.
Your characters don't have to catch a ride in the RV. They can do their only little road trip with anyone else. Whatever you want to do.

Where in Mexico are we going?
It's a city off the pacific coast with bunches of little sandy islands, and it also has quite the nightlife.
Though if you want your character to get lost and strand themselves in a little mexican village in the middle of nowhere, they can.  o/
It's free to get into Mexico, the tickets are for the little cabin type things off the beach, and for a sail boat ride.

Knowing me I probably missed something, so if you have a question about something. DEAR GOD TELL ME (or squam/rose). So that we can correct it as soon as possible.


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gamerdee2 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ReckonImRose Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
There was a small, green box on the counter in the kitchen, barely wider than the an average human hand. It had no wrapping, though there were Christmas trees printed on all its sides. The box was resting on a card--no picture on the cover, just "FOR AINSEL". Likwise, inside the card was a mere "-Rose ♥" in the corner. Said Rose ♥ was nowhere to be seen. At least, she wasn't in the kitchen or livingroom. She might be in the bathroom, I dunno, but if Ainsel hollers she might come out.

Under the cover of the box was a very, very nice wallet.

Except, unlike the linked image the girl on the wallet is Asian. u vu MERRY CHRISTMAS, SON.
Ainsel-Oberon Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
A click at the door was heard, opening then closing. Followed by slow footsteps. Normally he was never one to get tired, but new guys got to work all day on Christmas. Needless to say, he didn't have any more plans for today.
Before heading to bed, he dug in the fridge for a drink. Finding nothing in there, his interest went to a plate of holiday cookies on a star shaped plate. Chewing, he glanced to the box sitting alone with a envelope sitting beneath it. Picking it up and reading,


He smiled, it was a bit of a uplift. Even though he saw thousands of boxes today. This one was actually addressed to him.
Though when he opened it, he looked around awkwardly. As if Rose just gave him a box full of Squams old Maxim magazines.
HE STUCK IT in his pocket, and left the room pretty fast.
Mei-chanX3 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
THE NIGHT WAS YOUNG actually it was likely an old codger now, seeing as they left for the circus well into the evening. The sky was starry! The air was mildly frigid, but not to the point of discomfort! And the street upon which they were walking... was filled with gleeful, giddy noises. Mei Ling was chattering away about all the things she'd seen, heard, noticed, occasionally slipping into random, broken bits of Korean and Mandarin.
She'd /been/ chattering away since they'd left, and had quite the spring in her step. Somehow she'd conned someone into giving her a brown paper bag to put her paper windmill and paper roses into; so she hadn't any trouble carrying them and was quite freely bouncing around, at times deciding to walk at his left, at times deciding to walk at his right, grinning all the while.

"Mei had fun!" she said for the sixth time, as decisively and conclusively as the rest, and she looked at Ainsel with an inquisitive smile. Again.
Possibly having to squish herself between him and the bear God I hope not
Ainsel-Oberon Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
Ainsel was giving the large teddy bear a piggyback ride, to avoid bumping into people with it. Which seemed sort of pointless because he had already knocked a woman's drink from her hand. HE DIDN'T MEAN TOO. It just sort of happened. THIS THING WAS FAT.
He smiled and nodded at everything Mei said, even though he couldn't understand parts of it. He needed to learn Korean or mandarin.
Shifting the bear on his back he walked across the street, Mei skipping along after him. It was nice out and today was pretty great. He had a pretty great day. So he was smiling, even if he was out like.... forty dollars. His money went to whatever he wanted to spend on it really.

He smiled at Mei though, his plastic, green, light up sword bouncing at his side. (it had a clip, so it was on his belt) With a sort of wanting to laugh tone, he replied
" I did too. " C :
He stepped onto the sidewalk, WAS HE WALKING HER HOME?

Mei-chanX3 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Nooo, even fluent bilingual Korean and Chinese people have trouble understanding Mei, so Ainsel won't be benefitting much from learning either language. He's better off learning Scandanavian or something sdkfjbsj.
I'd imagine he's walking her home, unless he was all HEY I KNOW SOMEPLACE SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME COOL WE CAN GO AT MIDNIGHT :eyes:

Mei grinned just a bit wider and her pigtails swung about as she swayed her torso from side to side. Then she moved ahead of him to gesture at a small house that was a little ways away. Its bright purple roof was more hideous in the daytime.
"That where Mei stay now," she said. "Rent cheap, no one like it here. c8" Because it was far away from all the ocrp malls, banks, schools, and every other place that mattered. plus it's ugly
I imagine the reason she's not bouncing off the streetlights is because she spent most of it at the circus DRAGGING HIM EVERYWHERE AND BACK so now she's all chill. Yes. \o/
Ainsel-Oberon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Perhaps one day he will understand Mei's babbling.
Right now though he was pretty fine with just listening to her talk. Mei was doing a great job of keeping her attention. With running onto the main stage before the show was even done, and dragging him from place to place getting everything. some of it came free when working for the circus.
He looked at the house, he didn't see what was wrong with it. Though this was coming from someone who thought living in a tree was perfectly normal.

' v'
"It's nice. "
He was still piggybacking the bear.
"You want me to bring this inside?"
YES. He wanted to get into her house,BUT NOT FOR WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. I imagine her hands are pretty full, he's just being a gentlemen and HELPING. /gosh/
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SticksandStripes Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Ainsel-Oberon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
(( EHEEHEE thanks. ; v; iloveittoo ))
DoctahSquam Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
Squam is sorry for comment-raping your page so much, Ainsel. BUT ALAS, He calls him about the sticky-note.

"Hello....? Hey, Ainsel, what was with that note you left?
....You serious?"
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